The Product Attributes to Impact Algorithm (PAIA) enables stakeholders in ICT to generate streamlined, standardized, and scientifically robust ICT product carbon footprints to meet market requirements.

PAIA drives progress on environmental performance in ICT through advocacy, strategy, and education.


PAIA leads ICT sector efforts to measure product carbon footprint, identify and address hotspot activities, achieve progress toward corporate goals, identify opportunities for ICT to support society’s roadmap to achieving climate targets, communicate learnings and promote policies which bolster these goals.


Alignment on standardized approaches to generate credible PCFs


Stakeholders in the ICT value chain are under regulatory and market pressure to disclose the product carbon footprint of products


By convening the ICT sector in collaborative decision-making, PAIA’s key efforts to achieve its mission include:

  • Methodology—uncertainty-aware Product Category Rules (PCR) aligned to IEC TR and ISO, and life cycle principles, in alignment with complementary efforts
  • Tools (and data)—streamlined (statistically-based prioritization), easy to use, modular, technologically, temporally and geographically relevant
  • Consortium—convening a diverse community of top players in the ICT industry to strengthen shared strategy and resilience in the face of an evolving regulatory landscape


  • Membership: stakeholders in ICT value chain
  • Partnership: other relevant organizations and efforts with whom PAIA can harmonize
  • Decision-makers: regulatory bodies